6 Things You Cannot Miss When Planning Your Next Trip to Sydney

6 Things You Cannot Miss When Planning Your Next Trip to Sydney

Sydney, established in 1842, is the oldest continually inhabited Brits-founded city in Australia. It is also the most beautiful and populous of all Australian cities. Located on the rich east coast of the Island, the metropolitan sits between Australia’s capital city, Canberra, and New Castle. 

Thanks to the diverse and adventurous experiences it offers, Sydney accounts for half of all international tourist visits to Australia. Be it the tranquility of the Blue Mountains, the equanimity in the midst of the oceanic thunders on Bondi beach, the surreal view of the city while climbing the Harbour bridge, or the spectacular Sydney Opera House, Sydney offers it all.

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Here are the six places you must visit on your next trip to Sydney to enjoy it to the fullest!

Bondi Beach

A true tourist hub, Bondi beach is the most popular of all of Sydney’s numerous beaches. Great surf culture, a variety of cafes, and diverse ethnicities are distinguishing facets of the beach. Being one of the most visited places by tourists in Australia, Bondi Beach also won the Travelers’ Choice 2022 award.

An hour-long coastal walk from Bondi beach to Coogee along the cliffs may sound exhausting, but the therapeutic oceanic views help relieve the mind. Plus, the immersive experience, instilling elated feelings, makes this seemingly long walk worthwhile.

The nightlife of Bondi beach is equally fascinating. If you are looking for a serene environment for a late-night date, Speakeasy provides you with a calm and relaxing environment. In contrast, Bondi Hardware is a chirpy site where crowds gather to get in the groove to drown their sorrows by sipping cocktails.

The 380 bus is the cheapest ride you can get from Sydney to Bondi beach. Although the train route is quicker, it is also more expensive compared to the bus. Renting a car is also not that expensive, but beach parking adds to the costs significantly. Besides, this way, you’ll have to drive around for hours to find an empty parking spot. Therefore, the bus is the most preferred, and viable, transportation medium for traveling to Bondi beach.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The fireworks exhibition, over the Harbour bridge on New Year’s Eve, attracts tourists from all over the world. Not only is the show stunning and blasting, but incredibly enticing to even the most avid travelers.

Though exhausting, the 135 meters high climb of the bridge is the best way to witness the stunning Sydney Harbour views. On average, it takes three and a half hours to complete the 1500-stairs climb, meanwhile providing you with a 360-degrees view of the city and the surrounding suburbs. Three and a half hours of adrenaline rushing makes you fall in love with the city.

Another interesting spot is the Pylon Museum, which is open to the public on weekends only. The museum exhibits many artifacts concerning the construction of the bridge and the people involved in making this marvel, a dream come true. The whole historical and scientific accounts of this spectacular engineering masterwork are also present for all to admire.

Sydney Tower Eye

The 310 meters high edifice, the Sydney tower eye, is the highest one in the city. Being another iconic spot of Sydney for the tourists, the skyscraper allows a bird’s eye view of Sydney along with a panoramic view of the surrounding suburbs. Even more tempting are the fully enclosed platforms that feature 360 degrees views of the city, giving you a stomach-gushing ride.

If you can’t get enough of the views, you can have lunch, dinner or just sip cocktails in Sydney Tower’s 360 Bar, the most prominent restaurant in the tower. The revolving restaurant offers you a fully stretched view from Sydney Harbour all the way to the Blue Mountains. 

The admission ticket for the Sydney Tower comes for around $20 but booking it ahead of time would be wise as it is one of the busiest spots in the city. In fact, this is often the first place the tourists visit, before heading out to other tourist places in Sydney.

Sydney Opera House 

The Sydney Opera House consists of three buildings: the John Sutherland Theatre, the Concert Hall, and the Bennelong restaurant, standing on the same platform.

Facing the Harbour Bridge, the Concert Hall caters to international events in its huge auditorium where people participate in numerous events from all over the world. The ambience of the concert hall is incomparable due to its aesthetics and spectacular seating arrangement.

Adjacent to the Concert Hall, John Sutherland Theatre is the second largest avenue in the Sydney Opera House. The exceptional engineering and mind-boggling design of the theatre makes it a masterpiece that one must visit at least once in their lives.

There is no better way to finish this great visit to this iconic building than having a meal at the Bennelong Restaurant. Here, you should start with a drink at the bar upstairs and then move on to the other food courses. Providing an exceptional and rich experience, it is no wonder that this restaurant is considered among the best locations for culinary experiences in Sydney.

Blue Mountains

Located on a 2-hour drive from the vibrant city of Sydney, the calm and soothing Blue Mountains are rightfully inscribed on the World Heritage list. Therefore, the mountains are valued and respected not only locally but also internationally.

The Grand Canyon Track, about 6 km long, is considered to be the best training track in the Blue Mountains, giving you the most beautiful scenic experience you can hope to have.

However, if someone is not fond of hiking, they can also take the walk on the Fletcher’s and Rocket Point Lookout track, which is a short and smooth 2-km long walk. Owing to the stunning views of the mountains, both the tracks will surely make you admire mother nature.

The Three Sisters is the most beautiful aspect of the Blue Mountains. From Echo Point, the first tourists’ gathering spot, there are a thousand stairs that take you to the first of the three sisters from where you can witness the other two peaks as well. The stairs are steep, but the view is absolutely spectacular, making it feel like a nature friendly roller-coaster ride.

Oncore by Clare Smyth

If you are a foodie and money is not an issue, you must visit Oncore by Clare Smyth. This is at an equal distance from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, both of which are clearly visible from here.

The food is just as amazing as the striking aesthetics of the restaurant itself and the glorious scenery it allows its customers to look upon. Oncore was awarded the Best Chef Hat award in 2022. It’s signature dishes; Beef and Oyster, and Potato and Roe will be a journey for your tastebuds too.

As a tourist, you will also appreciate Oncore’s extremely inclusive, unique, and supportive culture. Upon entering, the staff takes you to the kitchen to have a meeting with the chefs.

Then, while delivering the food to the table, the chefs come out themselves and tell a short yet fascinating story about the dish. Thus, you can rest assured that, from the moment you step in, the whole culinary experience of Oncore will be incomparable.

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