Maui Has Handful of Hotels, So Exactly where Do You Remain If you Go to Maui?

Maui Has Handful of Hotels, So Exactly where Do You Remain If you Go to Maui?

While organizing to stop by Maui for the very first time, I was perplexed at how few hotels there seemed to become around the island.

Exactly where did each of the guests remain?

Just after 3 trips to Maui now, I understand the circumstance improved. Maui lacks mom-and-pop motels and reasonably priced chain motels since it is not the kind of location you may drive to on the spur with the moment or exactly where you may need a spot to stay for the evening around the technique to somewhere else.

Just about everyone coming to Maui arrives by plane on a vacation planned in advance.

They – and you – have three main alternatives for a location to remain:

1)Costly resort hotels

These are well-equipped with features and amenities, and also you pay accordingly. They provide water slides, undulating tropical swimming pools, luaus, fire lighting ceremonies, beach chairs, oceanside massages, and yoga classes as well as babysitting services for children. You’ll be able to count on maid service here, concierge services, on-site consuming facilities, and all-around pampering.

On Maui, some resorts are a lot more loved ones-friendly than others, and a few are well-known for their Hawaiian flavor. Should you do opt for a resort, make sure you benefit from activity and service alternatives you wouldn’t get in other parts of your globe, including lomilomi massage, standup paddling, whale watching information, and facts kiosks, outrigger canoe lessons and on-site restaurants that offer Hawaiian dishes, like macadamia-crusted mahimahi.

2)Condotels (Condo hotels)

These may perhaps promote as if they are hotels and give “hotel rooms” at the same time as suites with totally equipped kitchens, however, the units are essentially individually owned and decorated following the owner’s taste. Accordingly, one area could be somewhat run-down and old-fashioned in style while the one particular next door appears like one thing out of Household & Garden magazine. Condotels usually give some of the resort amenities – swimming pools, hot tubs, barbecue grills, tennis courts, etc. – but at a more reasonable price. Throughout Maui, you may receive regular maid service here and maybe not; ask.

In Maui, you’ll find the most number of condotels in south Maui – Kihei and Wailea, with prices ranging from $100 a night in the offseason to $250 an evening or extra during the Christmas holidays. Be aware that “oceanfront” in Maui condotel listings doesn’t necessarily mean a beach, as some components on the coast are rather rocky and that “ocean view” can mean you’re a hefty 15 minutes or much more from the water’s edge.

For those who book with a condotel, you normally have more leverage and wiggle area than you would directly with the owner, in the form of a much more generous cancellation policy, more payment options, the possibility of a shorter stay and some chance of a switch to another unit for those who find fault with the unit to which you’re assigned.

3)Condos rented by the owner

You would find these advertised on vacation rental websites too as at a web web page run directly by the owner. These tend to be your least high priced option for staying in Maui. Off-season, many bargains can be found, though, in high season, you may perhaps need to book (and pay) many months ahead to get a decent deal. For Maui, off-season is April 15 to December 15. Contrary to what you might anticipate, the high season does not have the best weather. The off-season, particularly April 15 through the end of August, characteristics the least amount of rain.

It is important to understand that staying at a Maui condo means you should not expect the amenities and services you get at a hotel. Replacing the toilet paper when it runs out, freshening the towels and changing the beds are your responsibility – just as in your own home. On the other hand, many owner-rented condos have very nice common facilities, which include pools, barbecue grills, etc. Realize too that in case you are unhappy, the owner generally won’t refund your money and can’t move you to another unit.

Maui has so much to offer the vacationer that it’s been voted “World’s Best Island” for many years running. To enjoy the holiday of your dreams there, select the accommodations option that is right for you.

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