The Beginner’s Guide to Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) and Global Distribution Systems

Travel agencies have been around for decades; in fact, the first travel agency was founded in 1841. But with the rise of online booking, many people assume that travel agencies are a thing of the past. However, there’s still a place for traditional brick-and-mortar travel agencies. In fact, many people prefer to work with them because they offer personalized service and expert knowledge about specific destinations and types of trips. In this article we’ll explore what online travel agencies are and how they can help your company thrive in today’s competitive market.

What is an online travel agency?

An online travel agency (OTA) is an online service that helps travelers book their trips. OTAs can be classified as either direct or indirect. A direct OTA sells directly to consumers, while an indirect OTA sells through travel agents.

How can you maximize your OTA presence?

As a travel agency, you can maximize your OTA presence by:

  • Providing price transparency. It’s important to provide your customers with the best possible price for their trip.
  • Ensuring that you are listed on all relevant OTAs. There are many different OTAs out there, and some may be more popular than others depending on where you’re trying to sell your product or service. For example, if someone is looking for an African safari adventure package from Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB), they might use an OTA like or Expedia because these sites have thousands of properties listed in Africa–but if they wanted something closer within Europe or North America then TripAdvisor would likely be more appropriate because it doesn’t offer as much coverage outside those regions yet still gives users access via its “Book Now” button that lets them find accommodations directly without having go through multiple steps first before seeing results! You’ll want make sure
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Five Strategies To Attract Clients From Online Travel Agencies

Online travel agencies (OTA) have become a primary source for customers looking to book travel online. That’s because OTAs provide access to a wide range of travel providers, from airlines and hotels to cruises and car rentals. As such, they’re in a great position to offer their customers something more than they can get from a website alone—namely personalized service and attention. This is why it’s so important for hotels and other travel providers to work with OTAs: not only do these sites drive new business your way, but they also give you an opportunity to show off your expertise as well as your unique offerings.

So how do you attract more clients through OTAs? Here are five strategies that will help increase traffic on your site:

Use social media to build relationships with your audience.

Social media is a powerful tool for building relationships with your audience. The benefits of using social media to build relationships with your audience include:

  • It’s free.
  • It allows you to connect directly with potential clients, giving you an opportunity to showcase your expertise and build trust with them before they ever contact you or book a trip.
  • Social media provides an easy way for people who have already booked trips through online travel agencies (OTAs) but would like some extra help planning their itineraries, finding activities or transportation options, etc., so they can reach out directly through the platforms where they found their initial booking information instead of having someone else do all the work by calling them up on the phone or sending them emails asking questions about whether they want help planning their trip(s).

Get your site listed on online travel agencies.

  • Get your site listed on online travel agencies.
  • If you are already listed, make sure that your listing is
Continue reading >>>’s Online Marketing Strategy is one of the most recognizable names in the travel industry. The site started out as a way to help people find flights and hotels, but has since expanded its offerings to include cruises and other travel packages. It’s no wonder why so many consumers are familiar with the brand: Travelocity has been smart about marketing its services over the years and building an online presence that attracts new customers every day.

The Ultimate Travelocity Marketing Plan

The Ultimate Travelocity Marketing Plan

Marketing plans are a crucial element of any company’s growth strategy. They help you determine what you want your brand to be known for, who your target audience is, and how to reach them with the right messages at the right times. The ultimate travelocity marketing plan includes:

  • A strong mission statement that articulates why the business exists
  • A clear vision of where it wants to go in the future (and how it will get there)
  • An analysis of its strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors
  • A detailed description of its target markets

1. Build a solid brand image

  • Build a solid brand image

Your company’s brand image is the perception of your company by the public. It’s an important part of your marketing strategy because it will help you attract customers and build customer loyalty. To create a successful brand, you need to be consistent across all platforms–from the way you look (the logo, colors) to how you behave (the tone of voice used in social media posts). Your brand image should also reflect what people expect from your company based on its reputation and what others say about it online or offline. For example, if someone searches for “travelocity” on Google Images and sees images that don’t match up with what he knows about Travelocity … Continue reading >>>

The Best Travel Agencies To Use When Booking Flights

If you want to book a flight, there are many travel agencies that can help. Orbitz and Expedia are two of the most popular companies in the world of air travel. They offer all kinds of discounts and special rates on flights, hotels, car rentals and more. You can also find some good deals on Priceline and Travelocity if you’re looking for cheap flights or hotel rooms.


Orbitz is a travel agency that has been around since 2001. They are based in Chicago, and they have a mobile app as well as a website. Orbitz is also owned by Expedia, which means you can use your Orbitz login information to book flights on other websites owned by Expedia (like is a good choice for booking flights because they have a large selection of airlines and destinations. Orbitz also offers car rentals, hotels and other travel services like cruise packages.

Orbitz is a travel site that offers flights, hotels, and rental cars. The site has over 200 airlines that they work with to provide you with the best deals possible. Orbitz also has hotel reviews from guests who have stayed at each hotel before so you can be sure that what you’re paying for will be worth your time and money.


Expedia is a great choice for booking flights, especially if you’re looking for a wide selection of routes and prices. They also offer hotel booking, car rental, and other travel-related services.

If you use the Expedia rewards program, which is free to join but requires an email address and credit card number (you can opt out of this), you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for future purchases. The amount of points required varies based on what kind of purchase you want to make: redeeming $25 … Continue reading >>>

Top Online Travel Sites Comparison

Whether you’re booking a trip for the first time or you’re an expert at it, you’ve probably used one of the top online travel sites. These sites offer competitive prices and a wide range of destinations, but which one is best? This guide will compare the major players in real-time search so that by the end of it, you’ll know exactly where to go when it comes to finding cheap flights and hotels.

Which site is the best?

The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re planning a trip and want to book your flights and hotels together, Orbitz is your best bet. It’s got a huge selection of flights and hotels–and unlike other sites that offer them separately, Orbitz lets you search for both at the same time.

Expedia also has a large selection of flights and hotels (but no car rentals), so it’s another good choice if those are what matter most to you.

Priceline is best if getting the absolute lowest price matters most; their bidding system can save travelers money even when they don’t know exactly where they want to stay or go yet! offers pricing transparency so customers know exactly how much each room costs before making their decision about which hotel rooms are right for them


Orbitz is one of the oldest online travel agencies, and it’s still going strong.

  • User-friendly interface: The site has a clean look with simple navigation options, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.
  • Good selection of hotels and flights: Orbitz offers more than 3 million properties worldwide in more than 30 languages. It also offers flights from all major airlines in North America, Europe and Asia (including low-cost carriers). You can book hotels on Orbitz or use its sister
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