Los Angeles Travel Guide

Los Angeles Travel Guide

Los Angeles Travel Guide

Los Angeles which also means “The Angels” in Spanish is located in the state of California, United States. It is the most populous city in the state and also the 14th largest city in the world. Having such a large population means people from almost all races and religions call Los Angeles their home, making it the most culturally diverse city on the planet.

Heading for Los Angeles

Being a big city, Los Angeles has countless exits and entrances. As for airports, it has six commercial airports and dozens of private airports. The biggest and most famous airport is Los Angeles International Airport which consists of 9 terminals. The terminals are so large that it takes 10 minutes to reach each other.

Los Angeles is also accessible by train and bus. If you enter the city via train, the Amtrak station located on N. and Alameda St. next to the Hollywood freeway in downtown LA (short for Los Angeles) will be your entry point. If you arrive via bus then you have various choices such as the Greyhound terminal or North Hollywood station.

Moving Around LA

A tourist has the choice to rent a car, or use the railroad system that is connected to most tourist attractions in the city. Because LA is a very large place, it’s better to choose a railroad system so that it doesn’t get stuck in one of the city’s famous traffic jams and navigate a complicated freeway system. Another viable option is to take advantage of the city bus system that will take you to almost every corner of the city, the only drawback is time consuming.

Hotels and Other Accommodation

Depending on your budget, LA offers the most advanced for basic, space and accident washroom pads. The choice of choosing accommodation must be based purely on the sights and sounds of what you want to enjoy. The choice is Hollywood for those who want to see the luxury and luxury of the world’s largest tinsel city, Beverly Hills for people with exceptional budgets they have or Santa Monica for those who want to enjoy clean sandy beaches.

Places to See

The City of LA is a treasure trove of historic landmarks and Museums and Art Galleries. For history buffs, there is Olvera Street which has the oldest building in the city to Union Station. The famous LA museums are the J Paul Getty Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Los Angeles Museum of Art and Natural History and the California Afro-American Museum. For nature lovers, a visit to Griffith Park is a must, and a visit to LA will not be complete without seeing Mulholland Drive, which is the center of every film that is being and is being filmed in Los Angeles.


LA offers the best gastronomic experience tourists can want. From traditional big mac burgers to fish chips and oriental dishes, everything is easily available. Incoming burger chains, KFC and McDonalds are present in almost every nook and corner for fast food lovers, while Genghis Cohen is a place to visit for Chinese food.

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